Our COOL Creators PSA is coming

Recently, our team went to The Nims Center Studios, where NCIS is filmed, to shoot a public service announcement.  The PSA, which we hope to air on television and radio stations all across Louisiana, takes a creative approach at communicating the great need for strong after-school programs like the COOL Cooperative's COOL Creators and the benefits of providing pour young people with the tools to have success as they grow into adulthood.

A stellar crew of experienced film professionals donated their time and expertise to bring the production to life.  Produced by John Swider, an award winning Louisiana based independent filmmaker and COOL Advisory Board Member, and Directed by Kirby Voss, who also runs the COOL film program in the classroom each day guided the kids through a long, yet rewarding shoot.  Throughout the year, our COOL Creators have been introduced to many aspects of film, from costumes to screenwriting, acting and impovisation to directing, basic camera skills and lighting and this shoot was the culmination for them.  The ten seventh graders who will be featured in the PSA each played different roles on the set and had a front row seat to see how a production is done. 

The PSA's, ranging from 15 to 90 seconds in length will be ready to air soon.