Founding and Star Partners

Founding Partner - $25,000

These select partners will forever have the designation of being the companies who supported the COOL Cooperative from the beginning helping to launch our programs to success.
Our Founding Partners are incorporated into all that we do receiving acknowledgement, branding, and involvement across all platforms:

• social media
• press
• live events
• outreach
• special projects
• student challenges
• … even in our PSAs

Our Founding Partners:


Summer Star Partner - $12,000

Limited to two, these companies receive title sponsorship of The COOL Creators Summer Camp Programs including all of the benefits this brings both during the summer and throughout the entire year.

Summer Star Partners are included in:

• Our Summer Camp Sessions for all grades

• The year-end Whitney Awards

• Our summer youtube COOL short film project

• Our live events throughout the year

• Our PSAs

Silver Star Partner - $7,500

Silver Star Partner companies are included in COOL live events, online and through social media, in our PSAs and in select student projects.


Silver Star Partners:


 David Stallard, Corey Parker, Michael Arata

In-Kind Partner

In-kind products/services

Our In-kind Partners generously provide the critical things we need to keep our program running and to make it even better. These generous partners feed our hungry kids, outfit them, provide the tools and special services needed for learning, and offer enrichment experiences.

Our In-kind Partners are included in short videos and are recognized online, through social media, and at select live events.

In-Kind Partners:

F.A.C.E.S. Partner*

In-kind products/services as recognition to select students

* This added benefit option is only available to companies who have committed to another COOL partnership level

COOL Partners have the opportunity to provide our young learners with their products, gift certificates, or services as prizes in recognition for these students' ongoing achievements.

These sponsor provided incentives are given to those students who act in exemplary ways, show the most teamwork or leadership, and improve in attendance, grades, and other personal development attributes. Your meaningful “gifts” create an added incentive for our students to live at their best and offer a valued way of recognizing the good they are doing.

FACES sponsors are celebrated and recognized in the following ways: 

•  Sponsor Awards are presented each month in each classroom

•  FACES Award winners and the sponsor prizes are announced school-wide

•  Award winners and sponsors are recognized online via photos and video on social media

•  Recognition on a special section on the FACES Awards, winners, and sponsors on the COOL website

•  Sponsors and award winners will be recognized in press releases to the media

•  FACES Partners are recognized during the Annual Whitney Awards

FACES Partners: