Don’t miss the opportunity to join us in positively impacting our community one person at a time as we, together, improve graduation rates, attendance, and literacy. Your sponsorship gives our young people the skills, confidence, and hope to break from a cycle of poverty, find valuable employment, or go onto higher education. Sponsor the COOL Cooperative and transform the lives of some very special New Orleanians who need it most.

Benefits of Sponsorship


• Partner with our team of passionate individuals to directly
impact individual COOL Creator’s lives here in New Orleans


• Network with renowned music, arts, and film industry insiders
and professionals in this television & film production hub city
(Louisiana is ranked 3rd in the US for entertainment production)


• Be recognized for your brand’s commitment to bettering
the lives of our some of our community’s teens most in need


• Connect with innovative educators who utilize a "whole person"
development approach to giving low opportunity students the tools
they need to thrive


• Access a sponsorship opportunity that can be exclusive,
customized, and uncluttered


• Promote and position your brand through the authentic
short documentary films our COOL Creators make and share


• Be a part of the beginning of our COOL movement to help
as many young people as possible.

We can tailor a sponsorship package to suit your business’s budget and needs with a myriad of marketing and branding opportunities.


Contact John Swider with any questions: 




936 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, LA 70116