What we Do

We empower the youth of New Orleans through mentorship, academic support, and hands-on educational programs in film and entertainment. It is our goal to equip each of our COOL Creators with the skills, knowledge, resources and enthusiasm to lead positive and prosperous lives and for them to inspire others in their communities. We provide a six year long after-school enrichment program for high potential seventh through twelfth graders from low-opportunity environments to enable them to go onto higher learning and into careers in the film industry. Our "whole person development" approach is built around a focus on strengthening the Family, an Aptitude for Film, Community Service Learning, Education, and a Development of Self, which we call our FACES Philosophy. We strive to develop productive, self-reliant individuals.

Our COOL Creators Film program promotes literacy, integrity, social skills, professional work ethics, cultural exchange, intergenerational collaborations, mentoring, research techniques, a hands-on initiation to the filmmaking process from an idea to a finished work, and an exploration of the many facets and jobs it takes to make a film. Our COOL Creators acquire artistic and technical skills that give them a voice to effect social change within their community. Each learns visual storytelling, artistic expression and performance, and the basics of nearly every position on a movie set. They create digital video projects in various genres, including narrative shorts, documentary, and even PSAs and music videos. Each COOL Creator takes full responsibility for their projects as they write the scripts, prepare storyboards, and have their hands in every element of production. They are able to see opportunities for their future through film and discover and develop their innate artistic abilities to become successful.