We believe that all children have tremendous potential – that regardless of their backgrounds or environment every child deserves the opportunity to discover their talents, find their passion, and have success. We are a team of passionate business leaders, educators, politicians, film professionals, parents, students, visionaries, and volunteers committed to making an impact on the lives of New Orleans youth.

Youth Development Through The Magic of Film 

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 By providing academic support, community service learning, and the magic of hands-on film education, we strive to develop productive, self-reliant individuals. The COOL Cooperative exists to provide young people with educational support, mentorship, whole person development and a truly hands-on curriculum in the film industry to nurture their abilities, give them hope, and forge a clear path to a successful adulthood.

Make an Impact

Our FACES Philosophy


Empowering Kids and Their Families
Inspiring Learning Through The Magic Of Film
Enriching Lives Through Community Service Learning
Tutoring And Mentoring Our Young Thinkers
Enhancing Personal Growth